Post-Weekend Roundup: Trust Yourself!

[Cover art by me, N. Marie]

Changing things up this week, here at The Slow Down!  

Because I spent the greater part of the last 10 days in a sleep-deprived mental fog, and also because I want to share in the abundance of good writing I've just encountered, I’m posting here a round-up of super worthwhile reads I collected from around the interwebs this weekend.  

Also it’s my birthday today, so I'm trying to slide gently towards my thirties using the canoe of other folks' words, and go easier on myself in general.

So, without further adieu, here are some articles that impressed the hell outta me:

On Economics (and the impending implosion of late capitalism, Goddess willing):

On Neurodivergence, Sensitivity, and Self-Care:

On Decolonizing:

On Gender, Queerness, Sex:

Art by N. Marie, aka me.

Only Upsetting:

Did I read too much this weekend? Probably.
I also worked in a fair amount of Stardew Valley, aka the best video game ever. Self-care has many faces. 

And, if there’s any over-arching theme to my over-reading from the last 72 hours, it’s that we often already know  -- thanks to tradition, experience, or intuition -- what is increasingly being "proven" by social and physical scientists. Something that really nailed that down for me was this so-called discovery, which affirms Heiltsuk Nation's and other indigenous groups's accounting of North American history. Indigenous histories have long been dismissed by academia/institutional authorities. As these types of findings (see others here and here) confirm what indigenous people have been saying all along, we should really reflect on what narratives we take seriously to begin with. 

Especially if you're marginalized, you should perhaps begin with your own tender self.  
Trust your history, trust your knowledge.
Trust yourself. 


So what are y’all reading lately? Is it 107 goddamn degrees outside where you live? No, it’s not? Can I come live with you? Let me know, as always, in the comments below!