The Slow Down is a place to, well, slow TF down. Going slower is critical for reflection, healing, and growth. Slowing down reveals endless creative avenues for leading a better life.

There are myriad blogs, websites, books, and podcasts focused on self-care and personal development. I’ve found that too many of those resources are produced by folks who are fundamentally un-relatable, although I embrace their teachings and appreciate their guidance.  Because of my assorted identities--queer, disabled, poor, multicultural, femme--I have to visit several places online and in real life in order to feel a sense of belonging and community.

So, I wanted to create a place that will 1) help document my own journey, and 2) offer a safe space to those with similar life experiences who may be looking to practice a more multi-dimensional form of self care and personal development. 

My hope is that you enjoy The Slow Down and find it useful as a place of aggregated information about these topics, from the perspective of an almost-30 year-old, complicated, very feelings-filled person.

Let’s slow down then, together.


N Marie


About me 

My name is Marie and I'm an illustrator, painter, writer, aspiring witch, anti-imperialist nonprofit worker, proud sensitive introvert, and all-around weirdo who just wants to make shit and leave the world a little better than how I found it.

I mainly do things in D.C.